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Following a multi-month prioritization process involving managers, technologists, scientists, and subject-matter experts from NASA's Astrophysics Division (APD) and the Program Offices, as well as independent reviewers, the following is the Astrophysics Technology Gap Priority List. This list will inform APD technology development planning as well as decisions on what technologies to solicit and will be considered when making funding decisions. Tiers are in descending priority order. All gaps within any given tier are to be considered equally prioritized (which is why the gaps are arranged alphabetically within each tier). Tier 5 is reserved for gaps deemed not to enable or enhance any strategic Astrophysics mission, and as such will not automatically be included in the next prioritization cycle.

Technology Gap Submission Form

Download the Astrophysics Technology Gap Form to submit your entry no later than June 1, 2024

The Program Office solicits community input on gaps between the current state of the art and technology needed for the strategic missions of the coming decades to achieve science goals. The next prioritization is expected to take place in 2024.

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